State of Connecticut
Data Sharing Playbook


About the data sharing playbook

The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) noted in its Legal Issues in Interagency Data Sharing Report that leveraging data from multiple state agencies can improve program administration, policy analysis, research, and performance management.

In this playbook, we lay out strategies that will help Connecticut state agencies share data safely, securely, and ethically. The strategies are based on best practices from other states, specific examples and methods from Connecticut state agencies, and the recommendations found in OPM’s report. The strategies are focused on interagency data sharing, although many practices will also benefit sharing data with the public.

Note that this playbook is a work in progress and does not represent official IT or technology policy for Connecticut. We will be adding more content and updating the playbook over the coming months.

How to use this playbook

We recommend that agencies who own data read the following sections in order to build a data sharing framework that respects the laws and regulations that apply to their data:

Agencies that seek to request data will benefit from the following sections to initiate strong data sharing partnerships:

Finally, we recommend that both parties read the guidance on transferring data before transferring data to preserve the confidentiality and integrity of the data being shared.


The guidance in this playbook is the culmination of a 4-month research initiative conducted by OPM, OEC, and Skylight Digital, a digital consultancy for government.

Our research involved:

  • User interviews with 13 data sharing practitioners across Connecticut state agencies
  • Research into best practices from data sharing experts
  • Research into case studies from other states
  • A detailed technology tool review to document the secure channels for data transfer available to Connecticut state agencies
  • Findings from OPM’s Legal Issues in Interagency Data Sharing Report

This playbook is available on GitHub GitHub Project